Google Adwords – PPC Training -Dilsukhnagar

Are you looking for the AdWords learning center in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad?

HIIM the best training institute for digital marketing offers Google AdWords Certification Course.


Fundamentals of AdWords

1.Learning Objectives
2.Understanding Pay-per-click Advertisement
2.1.What is PPC
2.2.How does it Work
2.3.Why PPC
2.4.Common PPC Platforms

3.Significance and evolution of AdWords in PPC.
3.1.Significance of AdWords
3.2.Evolution of AdWords

4.Bing Ads vs Google Ads- overview
4.1.Google and Bing Ads

5.AdWords Certification- Overview, Benefits and Preparation

6.Google Ad Networks
6.1.Types of ad network
6.2.Locating the networks
6.3.Ad forms on different networks
6.4.Search VS Display network

7.Different Ad Formats
7.1.Text Ads
7.2.Ad Extensions
7.3.Image Ads
7.4.App promotion Ads
7.5.Video Ads
7.6.Shopping Ads
7.7.Call-only Ads
7.8.Ad formats available across Campaign types

8.Keywords -significance and planning
8.2.Building a keyword list
8.3.Add, edit and remove keywords
8.4.Understanding keyword status

9.Using Keyword Planner and other tools
9.1.Search volume statistics
9.2.Search for new keyword and ad group ideas
9.3.Get search volume data and trends
9.4.Multiply keyword lists
9.5.Get click and cost performance forecasts
9.6.Targeting and filtering your results
9.7.Breaking down Search volume results
9.8.Review forecasts and save keywords to your account
9.9.Tools other than Keyword Planner

10.Keyword matches and their usage
10.2.Broad match

10.3.Broad match modifier
10.4.Phrase match
10.5.Exact match
10.6.Negative match
10.7.Improve your keywords – Search & Display network
10.8.Which match type to choose?

11.Campaign Structure and Organisation
11.2.Overview of Account Organization
11.3.Different ways to structure your account

12.Quality, Rank and Relevance of Ads
12.2.Ad Quality and Quality Score
12.3.Ad position and Ad Rank

13.Bidding and budget
13.1.Daily Budget
13.2.Bidding Strategies
13.3.CPC Bidding

13.4.CPM Bidding
13.5.CPA Bidding

14.Targeting Setting
14.2.Keyword Targeting
14.3.Display Network Targeting
14.4.Location and Language Targeting
14.5.Device Targeting

15.Extensions and their usage
15.1.Types of Manual Extensions
15.2.Types of Automatic Extensions
15.3.How to enable extensions
15.4.Eligibility of extensions

16.Ad policies and approvals
16.2.Prohibited Content
16.3.Prohibited Practices
16.4.Restricted Content

16.5.Editorial and Technical

17.Reports and Analysis
17.2.Segments, and Dimensions Tab
17.3.Search Terms Report
17.4.Top Movers Report
17.5.Paid and Organic Report
17.6.Auction Insight
17.7.Email and Schedule Reports

18.1.Metrics for measuring website traffic
18.2.Metrics for measuring conversions
18.3.Return on investment
18.4.Return on ad spend
18.5.Profitability and Growth

19.Conversion Tracking
19.2.How does conversion tracking work?

19.3.Types of conversions
19.4.Mobile app conversion tracking
19.5.Phone call conversion tracking
19.6.Attribution reports and conversion data
19.7.How to setup conversion tracking

20.Campaign Optimisation
20.2.Optimizing Ads
20.3.Optimizing Keywords
20.4.Optimization Tools