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Social Media Marketing Course Training in Dilsukhnagar

Social Media Marketing Course Training Institute in Dilsukhnagar

Social media marketing course training is one of the core modules of Digital Marketing offered by HIIM at Dilsukhnagar.

Social media marketing plays a vital role in planning a digital marketing strategy for a company or an individual. There is a relation between all the modules in digital marketing for getting better results and to be a successful digital marketing campaign.




What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing refers to reaching not just customers i.e., reaching targeted visitors and converting them into loyal customers.


People in the industry say that promoting a social media pages to gaining customers but that is not right. Preparing buyer persona’s and doing social media marketing is the best way to reach the right audience.

For Example:

If you own a Women Beauty Parlour and you just promoted that page is some public groups in facebook.

Public groups may contain men and women, obviously, men are not the right audience. so, women cannot take your service if they are located too far from your service location.

That is why first we should buyer persona’s, think from customer perspective. Gender, age, demographics, location, and interests etc.,



Advantages of using Social Media Marketing

– Immediate results/sales can be found

– Brand awareness

– Can reach maximum targeted audience within less time

– Can generate leads quickly

– Much cheaper than traditional marketing

More in class



Structure of our SMM Training program

We at HIIM designed this SMM course structure in such a way that you can develop user persona’s and select the social media channels to use.

For Example:

let us assume that you are using Facebook and Twitter if any social media channel named ‘X’ came into the play.

Simply you shouldn’t jump into using that ‘X’, first know whether your audience is using that ‘X’ social media channel or not.




Who can take this Social Media Marketing Course?

Those who have a minimum understanding of social media and want to learn SMM to promote or reach the right audience to get new loyal customers.





SMM Course Curriculum

What is Social Media?

Understanding the existing Social Media paradigms & psychology

How social media marketing is different than others

Forms of Internet marketing

Facebook marketing

Understanding Facebook marketing

Practical session 1

  • Creating Facebook page
  • Uploading contacts for invitation
  • Exercise on fan page wall posting

Increasing fans on fan page

How to do marketing on fan page (with examples)

Fan engagement

Important apps to do fan page marketing

Facebook advertising

Types of Facebook advertising

Best practices for Facebook advertising

Understanding Facebook best practices

Understanding edgerank and art of  engagement

Practical Session 2

  • Creating Facebook advertising campaign
  • Targeting in ad campaign
  • Payment module- CPC vs CPM vs CPA
  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Using power editor tool for adv.
  • Advanced Facebook advertising using tools like Qwaya

Linkedin Marketing

  • What is LinkedIn?
  • Understanding LinkedIn
  • Company profile vs Individual profiles
  • Understanding Linkedin groups
  • How to do marketing on LinkedIn groups
  • Linkedin advertising & it’s best practices
  • Increasing ROI from LinkedIn Ads
  • Linkedin publishing
  • Company pages
  • Adv on LinkedIn
  • Display vs text

Twitter Marketing

  • Understanding Twitter
  • Tools to listen & measure Influence on Twitter: TweetDeck, Klout, PeerIndex
  • How to do marketing on Twitter
  • Black hat techniques of twitter marketing
  • Advertising on Twitter
  • Creating campaigns
  • Types of ads
  • Tools for twitter marketing
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Twitter Cards

Video Marketing

  • Understanding Video Campaign
  • Creating 1st Video Campaign
  • Importance of video marketing
  • Benefits of video marketing
  • Uploading videos on video marketing websites
  • Using youtube for business
  • Developing youtube video marketing Strategy
  • Bringing visitors from youtube videos to your website
  • Creating Video ADgroups
  • Targeting Options
  • Understanding Bid Strategy

We HIIM provide the Best Social Media Marketing Training in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad it is not said by us that is what our students say.